Hello, Welcome to FleaBazar our own Indian E-Commerce Website. So glad you are here!!

We are part of the Reso Bodycare Pvt. Ltd. established in January 2019 with the Headquarter in Udaipur (Rajasthan) and the office in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

FleaBazar.com is a Young, Enthusiastic & Growing company that aims to provide the best quality and cost-efficient products at your doorsteps. With hassle-free and transparent transactions, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer delight. We want to make E-shopping easy and fair at a lower cost. We are a one-stop solution for everyone's needs with our wide range of products.

All our products are sourced from genuine suppliers and all products are 100% authentic.

We not only sell branded products but also the products which are of the finest quality but

not recognized. As we also support Make In India's movement to grow our country. We also look forward to supporting all the Buyers & Sellers so everyone will be benefited as described above.

With the trio of Flea Bazaar have an Entrepreneurial dream of our Founders Zalak Shukla, Pranav Nenawati, and our C.E.O. Chirag Nenawati, we want to create a marketplace in a digital world with the win to win the situation for buyers and sellers. We are Young & Enthusiastic a company with the 4 years of experience in the E-commerce business, we have faced many hurdles and problems as rest of us have been through so we can relate in a much better way with the start level which is being missed by big companies as they are too big to deal with micro/niche issue or bug, and at Fleabazar we are capable of neutralizing all those issues faced by buyers and sellers at the E-commerce sites.

We are looking forward to providing a technologically advanced as well as trustworthy marketplace

to reach potential customers. Our business is comprised of a core E-Commerce activity to create a platform for the sellers and they are innovative initiatives. We not only want to associate with the big names but with small business scaling across India, as we believe that “choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect: it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing” as stated by Matt Kliegman.”

Our Mission

FleaBazar.com with its enthusiasm and dedication has created a cost-effective, hassle-free & transparent marketplace. Where both buyer and the seller get benefited from the technology and digital era. We not only want to associate with the big names but also with the small scale businesses from different part of India, where they have skills and innovative products but does not have the medium to sell those products to the world. A one-stop solution for everyone's needs with a wide range of products.

The Promise

To grow with our small-scale sellers in order to play a small part in building the economic and social fabric of our society. Aim at the creation of meaningful jobs, the support of makers, and the preservation of traditional production methods. So that we can grow help to all sections of our society to grow. A successful platform creation for thousands of other entrepreneurs. P.S Many huge public companies literally started in a garage. Ever heard of that Silicon Valley a startup called Apple?


Meet the Flea Bazar team - We are Growing every Single Day

Zalak Shukla
Zalak Shukla(Co-founder)
Pranav Nenawati
Pranav Nenawati(Co-founder)
Chirag Nenawati
Chirag Nenawati(CEO)