Agrotech India Bermuda Lawn Grass Seeds,

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Product Code: Agrotech India Bermuda Lawn Grass Seeds,
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Seeds may treated with Thiram, a fungicide just used for seeds safety to increase seeds dormancy level, not harmful- But not to be used Direct seeds for food, feed, or oil purpose!! Seeds needs to be sown in pots or land direct if seeds are small size needs to sow together later needs to be transplant for big size seeds like okra, gourds, sunflower seeds can sow one by one direct no transplantaion required!! The picture is an indication of type Only!! Our seeds are for gardeners , small garden pack, if you have tried this vty, know the results than only sow direct in field for farming purpose!! House of OP, Imported and Hybrid Seeds!! Please contact customer care via email for any further assistance!! Happy Gardening!! Avg 50 Seeds Kitchen Garden Seeds Pack All Our Seeds are Non GMO Picture is an indication of kind only

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