Arms Nutrition Jaguar Juice BCAA (Tropical Orange) 240gm 30 Servings with Taurine & Beta Alanine

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Product Code: Arms Nutrition Jaguar Juice BCAA (Tropical Orange) 240gm
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Jaguar juice BCAA formulated after extensive research and with the most premium ingredients available in the market in its extremely effective 2: 1: 1 formula greatly increases energy expenditure and promotes lean muscle mass while helping you lose unnecessary fat. Each serving delivers 6gm of BCAAs with 500mg of beta alanine and taurine each, beta alanine helps increasing the intra-muscular carnosine level reducing fatigue while combined with taurine it also helps boost your energy and intensity during workout. Jaguar juice BCAA increases the overall energy burning pool which helps delay fatigue, reduce doms, improve vascularity while enhancing the body's capability to burn fat. The blue raspberry flavour tastes delicious with 350ml cold water and gives a pleasing blue color. Jaguar juice BCAA can be used as a pre workout, intra workout and post workout supplement.

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