Asian Aura Electric Aroma Diffuser Set Square Shape Burner (Fragrance: Rosy Romance, English Lavender)

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Product Code: Electric Burner 0015 Brown
Country of Origin: India
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Amazon EmberGood to use as air freshener and also great piece for decor. Rosy Romance &English Lavender oil has Calming effect reduces anxiety and stress also known as antidepressant.Burner size 19 x 14.5 cm | Oil 10ml.Refreshes your mind and bodyGood Quality Ceramic Aroma Burner. Amazon EmberAsian Aura Maintains high Standards in packing, product safety, customer satisfaction and always delivers the best of quality. Aroma Diffusers can be used in offices or cabins, homes, hotels, receptions, conference halls, yoga/ spa centres etc.. It is a great product for gifting to your loved ones on various occasions like House Warming Party, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Easter, Valentines Day, New Year, Wedding Ceremonies etc...

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