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A beanbag is originally an Italian design. It consists of an extensive cover of cotton or nylon that is usually filled with plastic or sawdust granules. You can compare it with a large pillow. The bag moulds to the body when someone lies or sits on it. Many people find that very comfortable because you can sink into it. A beanbag is multifunctional, you can use it as a lovely lounge area, for example, and in the summer, you can drag it outside and use it as a bed to sunbathe on. Bean bags have remained varying in popularity over the years. They are ideal and playful pieces of furniture for the children's room, But bean bags are also used in the living room or the garden.


An outdoor beanbag should be treated the same as your garden furniture. As soon as it starts to rain, take the beanbag inside.
Even though outdoor beanbags are made of outdoor fabrics and will certainly not absorb water quickly, it is still wise to bring a beanbag back inside in time and put it away dry.


A beanbag for the home can be an excellent replacement for an armchair or ottoman. Such a bag creates a playful atmosphere and invites you to sit. Many guests want to experience how a beanbag works and are happy to try it out. A beanbag is also a wonderful place to chill in children's rooms. Your kids will love to use it.


Most bean bags are filled with EPS pearls or polystyrene beads. EPS pearls are those round smooth spheres of about 4-6 mm. These granules are highly resilient, anti-allergenic and odour-free. They are very comfortable because they take the shape of the body when sitting or moving. A somewhat cheaper alternative is the polystyrene granules, also called temper. These granules are made from (recycled) polystyrene foam. This beanbag filling is softer but does not conform to the body as well. Still, it is an excellent alternative to the more expensive EPS pearls. When purchasing a beanbag, make sure that you can refill it. After some time, every beanbag loses some of its firmness or airiness. It will then lie less comfortably, and topping up is therefore necessary. Refilling a beanbag can be a difficult job. You should at least do this with the two of you and take it easy to prevent the whole house from being covered with filling material. One holds the bag open, and the other gently and slowly shake the beanbag full. Another method is with a thick PVC tube. Tuck one side into the beanbag and the other side into the stock bag. Tie both sides tightly around the PVC pipe and pour over the new filling.


In addition to the ordinary cheap beanbag filling made of polystyrene balls, you can also take EPS pearls that are used as insulation material, among other things. Eps pearls are in the more expensive beanbags. If you need a new filling for a beanbag, it is advisable to take EPS pearls so that you do not have to refill the beanbag for the time being.