Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Deep Cleansing Bath Soap

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Product Code: Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal Deep Cleansing Bath Soap
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• Charcoal Deep Cleansing Bath Soap by Bombay Shaving Company is hand-made with the best ingredients and a whole lot of love. • Dust and pollution clog your pores and make your skin rough and dull. • This Deep Cleansing bath soap unclogs pores, effectively removes dirt and debris resulting in squeaky clean skin. • Coffee granules in it gently exfoliate resulting in firmer, less dimpled skin. • Exfoliation removes dead cells that have migrated from deeper layers of the skin to the epidermis, revealing a newer, shinier and healthier layer of skin. • Enriched with the goodness of Charcoal and Coffee • Stimulates the mind, body and soul • Removes dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin • Has exfoliating and moisturizing properties • Suitable for all skin types • Additional Information: Bombay Shaving Company began with the idea that shaving should be more than a mundane chore most men see it as. The brand crafted a unique shaving system designed around an immersive pre, during and post shave regimen turning shaving from routine to ritual. The brand has designed a unique range of grooming products to suit Men's everyday needs - right from shaving to skin care, body to beard - Bombay Shaving Company has got you covered.

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