Chocolaty Banana Spread

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Country of Origin: India
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Authentic Bengali preparation with home made taste, no artificial colours and flavours are used. The product and usage features are as follows:

Taste: Sweet & Chocolaty with banana flavour (Veg)

Ingredients : Chocolate, Fresh Banana, Peanuts, Sugar & food grade preservative . No artificial colour and flavour used.

Colour & Consistency : Chocolaty brown, saucy . 

Usage: Spreads on bread, buscuits, cookies etc.

 Storage: Refrigerated. For retaining freshness retain use by dry spoon only, keep bottle closed after use.

Shelf Life : Best before 6 months after opening.

Quantity : 200gms

Primary Pack: Glass Bottle H:10cm,W:6cm, B:6cm 

Secondary Pack : Card Board Box H:20cm,W:11cm, B:11cm 

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