Cimelle Pack of 3 Assorted Shave Foam(500ml X 3)

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Product Code: Cimelle Pack of 3 Assorted Shave Foam(500ml X 3)
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Cimelle shaving foam provides you comfort glide on your skin. It is creamy enough to moist your beard or hair and cut easily. The foam is excellent that doesn’t make you feel sticky after rinse. The cooling effect makes you feel fresh with fragrance. An effortless shaving experience with the protection on your skin with tea tree oil. Cimelle Shaving Foam Is An Alcohol Free Product That Is Perfectly Siutable For Even Dry Skin. It Lives Your Skin Hydrated And Refresh. Cimelle Shaving Foam Is Having Acuarate Amount Of Lubricant, So It Makes Your Razor Glide Smoothly On Your Skin. There Is Fewewr Chaces Of Nicks And Cuts Wth The Smooth Shave With Cimelle Shaving Foam. Tea Tree Oil Protects Your Skin From The Rashes After Using Razor While Shaving. As It’s Formulation Is Made By Considering All Skin Types Of Men, So It Is Totally Recommended For All Types Of Skin. Follow the few steps guide to get a perfect shaving experience always. 1-Always wet your skin before you shave. As warmth, moist and dead skin cells can clog up your razor blade. 2-Apply shaving cream or gel. Use shaving cream if you have sensitive or dry skin. 3-Never shave in the opposite direction of hair growth, so that it can prevent razor from bumps and burn. 4-Rinse after each wipe of the razor. Change your blade after 5 to 7 shave to minimize irritation. 5-To prevent growing bacteria on a wet razor, store it in a dry area and make sure it dries completely aftershave.

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