DHAYAN Anti-Pollution Dust Nose Mask 3 Ply Disposable Mouth Masks Nose Mask Dust Mask Pollution Mask (Pack of 10)

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Product Code: DHAYAN Anti-Pollution Dust Nose Mask 3 Ply Disposable
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Designed to offer protection while breathing, this 3 Ply Face Mask helps filter out pollutants, chemicals, dust, and microbes from the air as they may cause spread of infection, germs etc. The mask is unisex and is made from good quality inner and outer Spunbound material with 25 GSM. Its 3 layered design ensures maximum comfort and easy breathability, even when worn for extended hours. The filter layer is made from Melt Blown material with 20 GSM. The three layers make filtration more reliable and promote cleaner air to breathe while also preventing bacterial contact. The 3 Ply Mask is lightweight, biodegradable also features super soft elastic ear band or ear loops to keep the mask in place. The Face Mask is ideal for doctors, surgeons, dentists, dental assistants, nurses, landscapers, contractors, plumbers, exterminators, nail technicians, etc.

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