English tuff Grass 200 seeds(2 Packs)

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Product Code: English tuff Grass, 200 seedsx2 Packs Easy to Grow in Shade
Country of Origin: India
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• Best for shady areas.
• Can be grown easily, long lasting variety.
• AVg 200 seeds pack.
• Seeds may treated with Thiram, a fungicide just used for seeds safety to increase seeds dormancy level.
• Not harmful but not to be used direct seeds for food, feed, or oil purpose!!
• Seeds needs to be sown in pots or land direct, if seeds are small size needs to sow together later needs to be transplant.
• For big size seeds like okra, gourds, sunflower seeds can sow one by one directly no transplantation required!!
• The picture is an indication of type Only!! Our seeds are for gardeners, small garden pack.
• If you have tried this variety, know the results than only sow direct in field for farming purpose!!
• House of OP, Imported and Hybrid Seeds!!
• Kitchen Garden Seeds Pack.
• All Our Seeds are Non GMO.
• Picture is an indication of kind only. Happy Gardening!!

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