Felora Aromatic Shower Gel, Floral Essence - 1000ml

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Product Code: Felora Aromatic Shower Gel, Floral Essence - 1000ml
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• Floral Essence Aromatic Shower Gel 1000ml.
• An ideal balance between beauty, health and simple indulgence
• Best high-end bath. Extracting and preserving the natural qualities of the source ingredients.
• Products that provide a clean body, mind and Spirit.
• It leaves your skin feeling clean, lightening and nourishing.
• The Skin feels soft and healthy & will instantly create a new baby feel skin.
• It Gently cleanses the skin & Helps to protect skin from germ
• Deodorized to remove body odor.
• Natural, Eco Friendly, Soap Free, No EDTA, No Paraben & No Formaldehyde

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