Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Revealing Pomegranate Peel-off Mask, 175ml

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• Freeman Mask Pomegranate clay mask helps clean deep inside pores.
• Red Pomegranate is completely extracted from nature and safe for the skin, replenishes vitamins and minerals found in Pomegranate help nourish white, brighten skin, quickly remove tan, Sunburn and dead cells. Cleans off oily oil and blackheads.
• It has anti-oxidant, aging skin for healthy glowing skin surface.
• Possessing the delicate scent of lavender and Bergamot essential oil will help soothe fatigue and bring a feeling of relaxation and refreshment to your skin and spirit.
• The product is suitable for normal skin, oily combination skin, oily skin with extremely high cleaning ability without causing dryness.
• The product is in the form of a Gel with the main ingredients of pomegranate juice, juice, Polyvinyl alcohol, hydrolyzed wheat, Aloe Barbadense leaf juice, fruit, ... will create a mask that is friendly and safe to use even to the sensitive skin.
• Transparent gel, once dry on face, forms a thin film. You can take it off lightly.

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