Gemblue BioCare Whitening Face Wash For Men 150ml

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Product Code: GEMBLUE BioCare Whitening Face Wash for Men
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• Get visibly fairer, smooth and flawless skin with GEMBLUE BioCare Whitening Face Wash for Men.
• Enriched with the exclusive Vita complex, this cleanser brightens up the skin for up to five times.
• Formulated with essential nutrients and micro-beads this face wash deeply cleanses the skin and removes deep settled impurities from your skin.
• It also removes dead skin cells and blackheads, helps refine pores and stimulates cell regeneration.
• Moreover, it provides oil control for up to 12 hours and eliminates acne causing bacteria to give you clean and clear skin.
• This facewash deep cleanses your skin without making it dry and stretchy.
• Skin-whitening and deep-cleansing face wash especially formulated for men
• It is formulated with exclusive vita complex for five times brighter skin
• Has micro-exfoliating particles that help remove dead skin cells and impurities
• Keeps the skin oil-free for over 12 hours and eliminates acne-causing bacteria to prevent acne
• This face wash cleanses your skin without making it dry or causing irritation
• It is suitable for all skin types

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