Gemblue Biocare Intensive Moisturising SUNFLOWER Scrub 500ml

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Product Code: BIoCare GEMBLUE Intensive Moisturising SUNFLOWER Scrub 500ml
Country of Origin: India
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Enriched With Sunflower Oil.
Vitamins Are Essential To Human Skin In Numerous Way.
Vitamins Are Natural Regulators.Biocare Intensive Massage Cream Is Specially Formulated With Generous Amount To Help Restore Natural Skin Moisture Balance, Resists Pre-Mature Skin Ageing And Formulation Of Unsightly Wrinkles.
Prevent Keratization Of Skin, Protect Skin From Effect Of Daily Pollution And Effects Of Daily Radiation.
Inhibits Damage To Lipid Peroxides And Melanin Deposition And Promote Empulsion Of Free Radicals.

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