Gemblue Biocare Cucumber Mask, 500ml

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•Cucumber mask is a moisturizing face mask which improves the skin texture, boosts its skin renewal and hydration.
• Added aroma oils soften the skin and add shine & luster to it.
• Also counteracts ageing signs due to dry skin.
•Packed with essential nutrients cucumber has a plethora of benefits for your skin, indulge your skin in its goodnes with GEMBLUE BioCare's Cucumber Face Mask.
•This intensely moisturising face mask leaves you with refreshed and supple skin.
•Rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid, cucumber extract helps reduce puffiness and irritation and replenishes the skin's hydration levels.
• This face mask is suitable for all skin types, but it is ideal for sensitive skin as its calming properties helps soothe irritation and prevent breakouts.
•Cucumber face mask also works as an antiageing treatment, with regular use it helps reduce the appearance of signs of ageing and even help lighten dark circles.

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