Gemblue Biocare De Tan Mask

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• Increased sun exposure even with precautions can lead to tanning and pigmenation.
• Introducing GEMBLUE BioCare De-Tan Face Mask enriched with milk and honey extracts which helps remove tan, lighten pigmentation and moisturise sunburnt skin.
• The lactic acid in milk is known to have anti-tan properties while honey is a natural bleaching agent which helps correct uneven skintone and darkening.
• Both key ingredients also have emollient and hydrating properties which helps soften and soothe sun exposure damaged skin.


• Tan removal and moisturising face mask formulated using natural and botanical extracts
• Milk and honey extracts have natural bleaching properties which help lighten tan and pigmentation
• Nourishing and hydrating properties of this mask soften and soothe dry and flaky sunburnt skin
• This face mask will clear dirt, grime and impurities from skin without making it dry
• Formulated using natural ingredients that do wonders to your skin
• Suitable for all skin types and can be used by both men and women

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