Gemblue Biocare Kiwi Scrub (500 ml)

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Product Code: GEMBLUE BioCare Kiwi Scrub (500 ml)
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• The kiwi seeds along with the fruit deliver the maximum exfoliating benefits.
• It buffs away the clogging of pores due to dirt, impurities, and grime to reveal a complexion that is radiant, smooth, and healthy.
• The Gemblue Biocare kiwi facial scrub is enriched with kiwi extract and aloe vera that helps in controlling the sebum production thus reversing the acne breakout.
• It also helps to soothe the skin inflammations thus healing it faster.
• The kiwi facial scrub purifies and unclogs the pores leaving you with soft and smooth skin.
• It exfoliates and brightens up your skin leaving you with a radiant shine.

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