Gemblue Biocare Lavender Epsom Bath Salt 300gms

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• Craving for a relaxing bath that will take away all your day's tensions and worries Gemblue BioCare Orange Bath Salt is your perfect solution.
• This bath salt will let you discover the soothing and pampering qualities of Epsom salt.
• Add some to your bath water and immerse yourself in it for a rejuvenating experience.
• When dissolved in warm water it breaks down to magnesium and sulphate.
• The magnesium readily gets absorbed into the body and helps relax your muscles and stiff joints, while sulphate helps detoxify your body and cleanses your pores.
• This bath salt can be used in manicure and pedicure treatments for exfoliation purposes. The zesty, flowery aroma of lavender will uplift your senses all through the day.
• Relaxing and soothing Epsom bath salt for reducing body pain, muscle aches and stiff joints
• Magnesium-sulphate crystals with therapeutic properties to relieve dullness and tiredness from your body
• This bath salt helps to flush out toxins from your body and leaves the body relaxed and rejuvenated
• Infused with the flowery aroma of lavender, a bathe with this salt will soothe and calm your senses
• Can be used as an exfoliant for smoother skin, especially in manicure and pedicure treatments

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