Gemblue BioCare Lemon Peel Off Mask 500ml

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• Get refreshed and glowing skin anytime of the day with GEMBLUE BioCare Lemon Peel Off Mask.
• It deep cleanses your skin to remove dirt, excess oil and impurities.
• The astringent properties of lemon extract help reduce the appearance of pores, while its natural bleaching properties enhance your complexion.
• Rosemary extract has antibacterial and emollient properties that keep your skin protected and moisturized.
• With regular use this peel-off mask keeps your skin clearer, softer and smoother.
• Gentle and nourishing peel off mask formulated using natural and botanical extracts for a glowing and clearer skin
• Enriched with lemon and rosemary extracts to deep cleanse skin, prevent pimples and regulate sebum production
• Peel-off action helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities, thereby leaving the skin clean and radiant
• Suitable for all skin types and can be used by both men and women

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