Gemblue Biocare Skin Brightening Combo of scrub, gel, cream, & mask (pack of 4 complete beauty products)

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Product Code: BioCare Skin Brightening scrub, gel, cream, and mask
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• The Gemblue Biocare Cucumber Facial Combo is enriched with multi-fruit enzymes that are natural and combined with highly effective ingredients.
• Formulated to promote beauty naturally, our facial kit helps in treating skin issues.
• Cucumber present in it soothes the skin after removing all the impurities present in it.
• The dry lines and wrinkles get reduced visibly with the regular massage of this facial kit.
• The Cucumber present in it sustains the skin’s dewy fullness of youth.
• The Cucumber replenishes the lost moisture of the skin and you will notice a fresher and fairer complexion gradually.
• Helps moisturize dull & dry skin.
• It is a non- soapy formulation that is absorbed immediately after being in contact with the skin it is a potent complexion booster product formulated using vitamins b3, b5, a, c & e along with sun protection ability to protect the skin from ultra uv radiations.
• Helps in getting rid off dullness, stimulates epidermal renewal and rejuvenate stressed skin to reveal a new radiance.
• Easy to use and carry.Very attractive & reusable packing.
• Totally harmless & effective from the very first use.
• Manufactured by one of the leading brands in skin care.

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