Gemblue Biocare Skin Soothing MARIGOLD Scrub 500ml

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Product Code: BioCare GEMBLUE Skin Soothing MARIGOLD Scrub 500ml
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Enriched with Marigold oil extract for extra dry skin,Marigold is another team for Calendula, a very healing herb.
This scrub contains organic sweet Orange essential oil, and organic Calendula infusion.Sweet Orange is a skin softener.
Calendula is skin healing.
This scrub is especially excellent for irritated and extra- dry skin.
Formulated with a creamy base made with shea butter this scrub offers gentle, yet effective, exfoliation.
It helps eliminate dead cells, while preventing skin from becoming dehydrated.Regular use for Scrub will stimulate blood flow improving oxygen supply to your body and assisting in detoxification.

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