Grace Cole Boutique Soothing Orchid Amber & Incense 500ml Shower Gel

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Product Code: Grace Cole - Boutique Range - Soothing Bath& Shower gel
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• Uplift your mood by bathing with this refreshing shower gel.
• Whether you have a long languid hour or a speedy 10 minutes for bathroom me-time, our Soothing Body Wash feels and looks utterly divine with its mild-yet-effective cleansing formula, exquisite bottle and explosion of opulent scent.
• The rich, moisturizing lather emits the most delicious perfume onto your skin, leaving your senses revived, relaxed or thoroughly blissed out, whichever fragrance you choose.
• Sensual, deep and indulgent, this is our beautiful ode to hothouse orchids and their seductive, bordering on indecent, allure.
• The exotic, sweet floral accord is enhanced by the syrupy glow of luminous amber and a smoky, spicy, heady plume of incense, cedarwood and vanilla.
• Altogether, an addictive and bewitching blend that radiates like soft candlelight.
• When a rare, special occasion calls - the opera, a ballet performance, a winter wedding, a fine dining experience - replace your glass slippers with this most sumptuous of scents.

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