Gym Equip Double Spring Tummy Waist Trimmer Multipurpose Equipment for Men and Women (Standard Size, Black and Silver)

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Product Code: Gym Equip Double Spring Tummy Waist Trimmer Multipurpose
Country of Origin: India
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✅Gym Equip Tummy Trimmer For Men And Women Fitness Double Spring Steel Coil Up Bar, Contoured Foot Pedals.Can Be Used By Men And Women For Fitness Workout To Reduce Stomach Fat And Help In Getting A Flat Tummy. ✅Whole Body Toning: This Easy To Use Exercise Tool Reduces Your Belly Fat And Improves Your Posture. Not Only The Belly Area, The Tummy Trimmer Also Strengthens Your Chest, Arms, Hips And Thighs Workout From Anywhere: Use It Anyplace, Anytime At The Office Or At Home Watching Tv.It Is Portable And Compact And Can Fit Right In Your Briefcase ✅Reduce Body Fat: Burn The Fat Around Your Midsection And Keep Your Original Weight In Check. Giving Your Body A Better Look. ✅In Box Content: One Double Steel Coil Tummy Trimmer - Exercise For Upper And Lower Tummy, Chest, Arms, Hips And Thighs Depicted On Packaging Box ✅Make your body muscles more strong and get an amazing physique with this tummy trimmer from the house of Uniq.This tummy trimmer helps you to burn your calories and make you help for developing a flat stomach It also works simultaneously on your abs and core muscles by melting your fatThis trimmer can be used to tighten your legs, bellies and back.The steel material of this trimmer firmer your forearms, sleeves and fingers and provides a good hand grip. For an amazing body shape, mak

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