Herbalife 2X Formula1 Strawberry Flavour-500Gm Each

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Product Code: Herbalife 2X Formula1 Strawberry Flavour- 500Gm Each
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Formula 1 Is A Nutritious Meal Replacement That Provides Nutritionally-Relevant Amounts Of Macro- And Micronutrients In A Single Serving And Is Intended To Support Weight Loss And Management As Part Of An Overall Lifestyle Program, Which Includes A Healthy, Balanced Diet And Physical Activity. As A Meal Replacement, Formula 1 Provides A Nutritionally-Balanced Portion Of The Daily Needs For Protein, Carbohydrates, Including Dietary Fiber, And Most Vitamins And Essential Minerals Per Serving That Are Important For The Maintenance Of Good Health Per Serve (25 G) Of Formula 1 Shake Mix Provides - 9 G Protein, 3 G Fiber, 18 Vitamin & Minerals Usage With Formula 1 You Can Enjoy 2 Options Of Meals (As Per Your Requirements): Hpmr - High Protein Meal Replacement - Gives You An Option To Have A High Protein Meal; Recommended Basis Our Clinical Study On Formula 1 And Ppp. 25 G Formula 1 + 300 Ml Skimmed Milk + 2 Scoop Ppp Meal2 - Recommended Basis The Nutraceutical Regulation. 25 G Formula 1 + 300 Ml Skimmed Milk Consumption Of High Protein Meal Replacement (Hpmr) Along With Calorie Restricted Diet And Moderate Physical Activity Daily, Showed Reduction In Body Weight And Body Fat Percentage Along With Improvement/Healthy Maintenance Of Blood Lipid Profile (Gulati Et Al.,2017*)

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