Inaara Coconut & Jasmine Cream, 500Ml

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Inaara Coconut & Jasmine Cream

Coconut & Jasmine Cream is Very Useful for all skin Types to Leave dry skin luxuriously soft with natural coconut milk. Indulge your skin with nourishment, alimentation, and softness, providing skin with the divinely floral scent of white Jasmine. This Coconut & Jasmine Cream cream is also paraben-free, silicone-free & dye-free. Found swaying high in the warm, humid skies of tropical islands like the Philippines, Hawaii, and Polynesia, natural Coconut Milk comes from the coconut's sweet, nutrient-rich kernel we're just obsessed with. Known to restore, repair, and moisturize, this heavenly ingredient is the wonder-working elixir of your dehydrated skin.

Coconut & Jasmine Cream Benefits for Skin

Indulge in body care essentials from the house of Inaara. This Coconut & Jasmine Cream is created for deep skin nourishment, with long-lasting moisturization this body cream is a boon to dry skin and boosts its ability to retain skin moisture. Uniquely formulated for dry & sensitive skin, Jasmine is known to be non-irritating & incredibly stress-relieving, and also full of antioxidants. Organic Coconut Oil is high in fatty acids & Vitamin E which replace essential moisture, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking and dryness. 

Why Use Coconut & Jasmine Cream?

Is Coconut & Jasmine Cream good for your face? It leaves the skin feeling so refreshed & smooth, and keeps it a lot softer. This Natural cream has an enchanting smell of Jasmine. Rich and non-greasy texture, this Natural product can be used For all Skin types. Best to use after showers. Massage gently to enjoy hydrated and beautiful skin. You can also check our other creams like chocolate & coffee creameucalyptus tea tree cream, neem & tulsi cream, mineral sea salt cream.


Quantity: 500ml 

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types


Almond oil & Coconut Oil - Moisturizes Deeply I Hydrates I Nourishes

Jasmine Extract & Glycerol MonoStearate

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